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The Downtown Denver Partnership is leading efforts to create the 5280 Trail, a bold, visionary project that will transform how the public right-of-way is used in Downtown Denver. The 5280 Trail will link neighborhoods and connect people by reimagining underutilized streets into the essential Downtown experience, uniting urban life with Colorado’s outdoor culture.

Vision Statement

Prioritizing PEOPLE, HEALTH, CULTURE, and NATURE, the 5280 is a new, distinctly Denver amenity that connects many vibrant and diverse city center neighborhoods through the great urban outdoors, creating a powerful


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The 5280 Trail will create a more connected downtown and provide strong connections for people walking, rolling, and biking along a 5.280-mile urban trail and linear park that weaves through key Denver landmarks and neighborhoods. The proposed route builds on multiple previous planning studies in the area, such as the Downtown Area Plan, Northeast Neighborhood Plan, Golden Triangle Plan, Auraria Master Plan, and others. It brings many of the transformational recommendations from each of those plans together in a linear park that highlights unique Denver neighborhoods by showcasing their local culture, iconic features, architecture, and history.


The 5280 Trail is currently in its Trailblazing phase. After the vision plan and design guidelines were finalized in 2019, a community-led process kicked off in March 2021 to mark the 5280 Trail and create placemaking features unique to each of the neighborhoods along the route. Since the spring 2021 kickoff, 6 community committees have received grants to install art and develop programming along the route of the 5280 Trail and work is ongoing to implement a wayfinding program along the route. Acoma St also received funding in the RISE Bond measure to fully design and construct the 5280 Trail between 10th and 12th Avenues and conceptual design for 21st St has been completed. 25% of the future footprint of the 5280 Trail is moving forward in next step development and the City Scout program is a fantastic opportunity to continue building momentum for the full implementation of the 5280 Trail.

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