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This page will be updated with frequently asked questions to help you understand more about our City Scout Program, the process, and how you can support, engage or participate in it. 

Who is an ideal participant for City Scout?

Participants will come from a diverse mix of industries and professional levels, with the goal of bringing visionaries, doers, and decision-makers together to propel a project forward in Denver. This year, we are looking for individuals who can collaboratively contribute to the conversation around reducing vacancy and increasing vibrancy in Denver. DDP anticipates strong participation from public and private stakeholders who are involved in major decisions and advancement in downtown Denver.

How much is the 2024 program fee? 
PRIVATE sector participants - $2,500*
PUBLIC sector participants - $2,000 *

*Fee includes hotel stay at program hotel for two nights, meals and transportation within the program itinerary, all programmed activities, and staffing.

Are there opportunities for scholarships to cover the cost of a seat in the program?

We're glad you asked! Yes! The opportunity to state your need is included in the application process.


When will I find out if I get accepted and when will payment to reserve my spot be due?   

January 22, 2024 – Application Period Opens for City Scout 
February 23 – Application Period Closes for City Scout
Early March  – Application Status Updates 
Mid-March – Payment Due to Secure Spot
April 29 - May 1 – City Scout Program in Calgary, Alberta


What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation between acceptance and March 29: Full refund

Cancellation between March 29-April 5: 50% refund

Cancellation after April 5: No refund

I am having trouble accessing the online application - what should I do?

If you are having trouble applying, please email Sarah Fritzinger at

Will there be a group flight to Calgary?

There will not be a group flight, however, we will provide information on the recommended flight options to ensure that everyone arrives in time for the programming. Please check out the Participants section of the website for our flight recommendations.

I am unable to participate in the programming taking place in Calgary, but I am very interested in the Downtown Area Plan and adaptive reuse programs in Denver. Will there be future programming taking place at a later date?

Absolutely! City Scout programming accounts for additional programming that will take place once we are all back in Denver to continue the conversations as well as report out on the lessons learned in Calgary. Stay tuned for more information on additional programming.

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